Board of Retirement

The MCERA Board of Retirement is a nine member body with three alternate positions. The Board consists of four trustees who are appointed by the Marin County Board of Supervisors, four trustees who are elected by the MCERA membership (two general, one safety and one retiree), and the Director of Finance for the County of Marin. The safety and retiree positions have elected alternate members. The Director of Finance may also appoint an alternate ex-officio member. Except the County Director of Finance, all trustees serve a three-year term with no limit on the number of terms that can be served.

Responsibilities of the Board

The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to manage the retirement system for the exclusive benefit of MCERA members. The Board sets policy for the operation of MCERA, considers applications for disability retirement, recommends employer and employee contribution rates on the basis of actuarial studies, controls the investment of assets and authorizes all disbursements of MCERA funds.

Board and Committee Meetings

Regular Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 9:00 a.m., unless otherwise indicated on the Board’s meeting calendar. The Board also holds separate meetings for its Investment, Finance and Risk Management, Governance and Audit Committees.

All Board and Committee meetings are open to the public and held in the MCERA Board Room, located at One McInnis Parkway, Suite 100, in San Rafael, California, unless otherwise indicated on the meeting agenda.