Election Information

Retirement Board Elections for General and Safety Members

The County of Marin Registrar of Voters is conducting elections for the Second General, Seventh Safety and Alternate Safety Member positions on the MCERA Board of Retirement. The term of office for each position begins November 1, 2019 and runs for three years.

If you are an active MCERA member and would like to participate in the oversight and operation of MCERA and contribute to the system's overall governance, you are encouraged to seek office for one of these positions.

Any questions you have about the positions should be directed to MCERA. Any questions regarding the election process or the procedure for filing nomination petitions should be directed to the Registrar of Voters.

About the Elections

Election Schedule

The following schedule applies to both the General and Safety elections.

Date Election Milestone
May 29, 2019 Nomination petitions for candidates will be available from the Registrar of Voters beginning at 8:00 AM.
June 12, 2019 The deadline for filing signed nomination petitions with the Registrar of voters is 4:30 PM.
June 19, 2019 Tentative. If an incumbent fails to file a nomination petition the filing deadline for that position will be extended to 4:30 PM.
June 28, 2019 Ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters by this date.
July 26, 2019 The deadline to submit voted ballots to the Registrar of Voters is 4:30 PM.


Second General Member

Candidates for the Second General Member position must be active General members.

Seventh Safety and Alternate Safety Member

Candidates for the Seventh Safety Member and Alternate Safety Member positions must be active Safety members. A note about the Safety election: The candidate with the most votes becomes the Seventh Safety member. The closest runner-up from a different safety classification (police/fire/probation) becomes the Alternate Safety Member.


Nomination petitions may be obtained from the Registrar of Voters beginning at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Petitions must be signed by at least ten qualified members from the candidate's membership classification (General or Safety) and filed with the Registrar of Voters by 4:30 PM on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. If the incumbent in one of the positions fails to file a nomination petition, the deadline for that position will extend to 4:30 PM on Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

In the event there is only one nominee for a position, no election for that position will be held and the nominee shall be declared elected.

Candidate's Statement

Candidates who wish to submit a statement of their qualifications for office may do so at the time of filing their nomination. The statement may include the name, age and occupation of the candidate and a brief description, no more than 200 words in length, of the candidate's qualifications. Candidate statements will be sent to each voter with the official ballot.

Duties and Anticipated Time Commitments

Official Duties

The official duties of Board members include, and are not limited to, the following:

  • Preparation for and attendance at twelve regular monthly Board meetings
  • Preparation for and attendance at six investment committee meetings
  • Strategic workshops, typically in the spring and fall
  • Board committees as assigned by the Board Chair
  • Ad hoc committee meetings as assigned by the Board Chair
  • Special Board meetings, if necessary

The meetings involve duties such as the selection and monitoring of investment managers, consideration of disability retirement applications, the review and adoption of actuarial studies and the general administration of the retirement system.

Time Commitment Related to Meetings

Regular Meetings

The Board generally holds its regular meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, except in November when the regular meeting is moved to the first Wednesday. Meetings begin at 9 AM unless otherwise posted, and generally end before 1 PM.

Special Meetings

From time to time, a “special meeting” of the Board may be convened on at least 24-hour notice.

Investment Committee Meetings

The Investment Committee generally meets every other month, one to two weeks after the regular monthly Board meeting.

Strategic Workshops

Board workshops are held in the spring and fall and are 1-2 days in length. The workshops generally focus on educational topics for the Board.

Time Commitment Related to Preparation and Education

Meeting Preparation

Board members should generally expect to spend three to four hours in preparation for Board and Committee meetings. For example, Board members are provided investment-related materials relevant to the administration of MCERA’s investments. Spending 1-3 hours per week reviewing such materials would not be unusual.

Training and Education

California law requires that MCERA Board members complete a minimum of 24 hours of education within two years of joining the Retirement Board and thereafter on a biannual basis. Ethics certification is mandated every two years, and Board members are also expected to complete training on the Brown Act (California’s open meetings law).

Board members may spend from 7-10 days, plus travel time, attending educational conferences and seminars each year. In addition, Board members who assume leadership positions in organizations that serve public pension funds typically spend several additional days on that work.

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