Retirement Benefit Estimator

Tips for Using the Estimator
  • To get an estimate of your future benefit if you chose the Unmodified payment option, simply select your employer and tier, enter your age at retirement, projected service credit and highest average compensation, and click "Calculate."
  • It may help to have your most recent MCERA Annual Benefit Statement available. Your tier and highest average compensation period are included on the statement, and you will need this information for the Estimator.
  • If you have more than one tier you will need to calculate a separate retirement estimate for each tier. Each estimate should use the appropriate service credit earned in the tier, and both estimates should use the same highest average compensation earned during your MCERA membership regardless of what tier you were in when you earned it. Add the monthly amounts from each calculation to get your total retirement benefit estimate.
  • Enter your age at retirement to the nearest completed month.
  • One year of service credit is earned by working full time hours for the entire year. If you work 75% of full time during the year, you will only earn 9 months of service credit, or 75% of one year.
  • Your highest average compensation is your highest consecutive one- or three-year period of compensation, as determined by your tier. This amount may differ from the amount you were actually paid because certain pay types may not be included for retirement purposes. Read Calculating Your Benefit for more information on highest average compensation.