Retired Members & Beneficiaries

Frequently Asked Questions

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When is payday?

Retirement benefit payments are made once a month on the last business day of the month.

Read more about benefit payments and direct deposit.

Can I change my tax withholding?

You may change your tax election at any time by completing new Federal and/or California State tax withholding forms and returning them to MCERA.

Read more about taxes and download forms.

What is the COLA effective this year?

The annual COLA is effective with the retirement benefit paid at the end of April every year.

Read more about this year's COLA.

What health benefits are available to me in retirement?

Retiree health benefits are sponsored by your employer, and each employer has different coverage levels and eligibility rules.

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Can I work after I retire?

Once you begin receiving your MCERA benefit there are rules that govern your ability to return to work for an MCERA employer.

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