Watch & Attend Meetings

Meetings are accessible to the public on site at MCERA's office, and via video conference and live stream. Agenda packets are posted on the Agendas & Minutes page at least 72 hours prior to meetings.

Watch Meetings in Person

Meetings are held in the Board Room at MCERA's office, 1 McInnis Parkway, Suite 100, in San Rafael.

Watch Meetings Online

Meetings can be viewed live on MCERA's YouTube channel:

Next Meeting

Retirement Board
Wednesday, May 1, 9:00 am
Direct link to YouTube:
Zoom Meeting ID: 880 3911 9825
Zoom Passcode: 304250

How to Provide Public Comment via Zoom

The Board of Retirement encourages a respectful presentation of public views. The Board, staff and public are expected to be polite and courteous, and refrain from questioning the character or motives of others. Please help create an atmosphere of respect during Board and Committee meetings and limit comments to three to five minutes per speaker.

Comment Live during the Meeting

Please join the meeting on Zoom.

  1. Use the Zoom app, visit, or call (669) 900-9128.
  2. Enter the Meeting ID and Passcode noted above.
  • If joining via computer or mobile device, use the "Raise Hand" feature to inform the moderator that you would like to comment. The moderator will call on you at the appropriate time and temporarily promote you to a Panelist. You may hear tones and see a notice on your screen that you are rejoining the meeting. The moderator will prompt you to share your camera and unmute your microphone to speak. Following your comments you will resume your prior meeting view as an attendee.
  • If joining via phone, press *9 to activate the “Raise Hand” feature. The moderator will call on you by the last four digits of your phone number at the appropriate time, unmute your microphone, and invite you to speak.

Comment in Writing

Please email your comment to This account will be monitored prior to and for the duration of the meeting. If the comment pertains to a particular agenda item, please identify that item number and the comment will be read to the Board during that discussion. Otherwise, the comment will be read under Item A, Open Time for Public Expression. All public comments submitted before or during the meeting that pertain to topics within the jurisdiction of the MCERA Board and otherwise comply with MCERA guidelines will be read in open session and kept as part of the permanent record.

Timing for Public Comment

General comments on items not on the agenda can be shared during Item A, Open Time for Public Expression.

Comments specific to a particular agenda item must be expressed while the Board is considering that agenda item. Toward the end of the Board and staff discussion on an item, the meeting Chair will ask for public comment.