Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior customer service to members and beneficiaries of the Marin County Employees' Retirement Association through efficient benefits administration and a commitment to integrity and prudent financial management.


MCERA staff, under direction from the Retirement Administrator, assist the Retirement Board in the administration of the retirement system. MCERA staff maintain records for all retirees, beneficiaries, active and deferred members. In executing its responsibility MCERA collects contributions from members and employers, calculates retirement benefits, pays monthly retirement benefits, processes contribution refunds, determines service purchase costs and pays death benefits. MCERA staff also maintain the accounting records for the system's assets and investments.

Plan Structure

The Marin County Employees’ Retirement Association (MCERA) is a multiple-employer governmental pension plan established by the County of Marin on July 1, 1950, under the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937 (California State Government Code Section 31450 et. seq., also referred to as the 1937 Act). MCERA is also governed by the California Constitution and the regulations, procedures and policies adopted by MCERA’s Retirement Board. The Marin County Board of Supervisors may also adopt resolutions, as permitted by the 1937 Act, which may affect the benefits of MCERA members.

Participating Employers

MCERA’s membership includes active, deferred and retired members and beneficiaries of the following nine agencies and organizations:

Enterprise Systems Inventory

The details of the enterprise system MCERA uses to administer the pension fund are below.

  • Current system vendor: CPAS Systems Inc.
  • Current system product: CPAS Version 5.8
  • Brief statement of the system's purpose: Administration of Pension Benefits
  • General description of categories or types of data: Data necessary for the administration of defined benefit contributions within the pension system
  • The system's primary custodian: Marin County Employees' Retirement Association
  • How frequently system data is collected: Daily
  • How frequently system data is updated: Daily