How to Retire

Request a Formal Estimate

Within six months of your anticipated retirement date, request a formal estimate by contacting our office. Our staff will conduct a complete review of your member account and calculate your monthly retirement benefit estimates under each available Benefit Payment Option. You will receive the estimates along with a customized Service Retirement Application.

Gather Your Supporting Documents

At the time of retirement MCERA will need birth certificates for your beneficiaries, or a copy of your trust agreement if you're naming a trust, as well as marriage/domestic partnership documentation. We encourage you to collect these documents well before your retirement date to avoid any delays in the payment of your benefit. You may submit the supporting documents before you submit your application.

Submit Your Service Retirement Application

Retirement applications should be submitted as soon as possible but no sooner than 60 days before your retirement date. Your signature on the application must be witnessed by an MCERA staff member or notarized by a Notary Public if you're unable to come to our office. You don't need an appointment; just visit us during normal business hours.