City of San Rafael

Vision Insurance

The State Association of County Retirement Systems (SACRS), of which MCERA is a member, sponsors a voluntary vision insurance plan for all retirees and beneficiaries through VSP Vision Care.

The VSP Vision Care plan is administered by MCERA and is separate from any plans that may be offered by your former employer. If you elect vision coverage through VSP as a retiree, you are responsible for all vision premiums as they are not covered by any medical benefit subsidy the City of San Rafael may provide.

Enrollment and Cancellation

At the time you retire MCERA will provide you with the VSP Vision Care enrollment form. To enroll, return the completed form to MCERA with your other retirement documents.

If you are already retired and wish to enroll you may do so during the open enrollment period in the spring.

If you are already enrolled in the VSP plan and wish to cancel your coverage, please call MCERA Retiree Benefits at (415) 473-4149 or send an email to

Contact VSP

For more information on the benefits available through VSP visit or call VSP at (800) 400-4569.

Medical and Dental Insurance

MCERA does not administer the medical and dental insurance plans for City of San Rafael retirees but can deduct these premiums from your monthly retirement benefit payment. Eligibility and enrollment for these post-retirement healthcare benefits for retirees of the City of San Rafael are handled by the City in accordance with their rules.

Please contact the City of San Rafael Human Resources office at (415) 485-3063 for information on retiree healthcare.