Error in Retiree COLA Mailing List


We discovered an error in the retiree cost of living adjustment (COLA) mailing that was sent to all COLA-eligible retirees this week.

If you looked closely at the envelope you received, you probably discovered it, too.

Before the mailing list was finalized a sort was done on the data. The spreadsheet column containing retiree first names did not sort correctly and resulted in the envelopes bring printed with the correct last name and address but an incorrect first name. This occurred for every person receiving the COLA notice.

We are very sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience this creates. Please accept our apologies for the error and be assured that your information is correct in our database.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at (415) 473-6147 if you have questions.

More information about the April 2018 retiree COLA can be found on the Cost of Living Adjustment page on our website.