1099-Rs Mailed in January


The 2021 Form 1099-R tax statements for all MCERA retirees, beneficiaries and other payees will be mailed at the end of January 2022.

MCERA is required to issue a 1099-R for all distributions and retirement payments including payments for refunds, disability retirements, service retirements, continuances, death benefits and domestic relations orders.

A separate 1099-R is issued for each individual record. For example, if you are a retiree and you also receive a continuance from a deceased retiree, you will receive two 1099-R statements. One will be for your normal retirement benefit payment and one will be fore the beneficiary continuance payment.

If you do not receive your 1099-R by the end of February, or feel there is an error, contact our Retiree Benefits Team at (415) 473-4149 or MCERARetirees@marincounty.org. Our staff is happy to work with you to resolve the matter and issue a corrected 1099-R, if necessary.